People are good.

No matter how you feel about your habits or the habits and actions of those that you love, know that you are a good person, and that the person you love is a good person.  It is a crazy world with negativity, mistrust, and cynicism and these affect our habits.  Don't let these negatives affect your next steps and progress to a new life.  We can change with help and we can Change for GOOD.

Why Sue?

Sue Mandell brings hope to the hopeless. If you think you can't change, you won't.  But, if you are willing to consider that there could be a different way, then you CAN CHANGE.  With Sue's help you can decide for yourself if you are the type of person that "won't change" or the type of person that "can change."   By choosing to do a complimentary phone consultation you can see what is possible.

If you want, Sue will help you to create a life that you choose and one in which you can become fearlessly authentic.